Monday 29 April 2013

TO everyone who Ever had to Suffer Censorship!

Whistleblowers unite - you have nothing to lose but...well, just nothing to lose. Something we sneaks have been praying for. A chance to rat on people without getting shot, beaten up, jailed, sacked or demonised by the might of official spin-doctorery.

In future, thanks to new technology, leaking sensitive documents will be virtually catch-proof. The term, 'sensitive documents' is the description officialdom prefers because the term, 'damning evidence' sounds too judgmental.

According to the New Statesman magazine, an online service called Wikileaks will allow you to send emails without having them traced back to you.
It is akin to having your ship sail under a flag of convenience to avoid having to pay any heed to health and safety regulations.

Wikileaks is an email address of convenience which should help whistleblowers living under tyrannical regimes like those in China, North Korea, Zimbabwe or the EU in Brussels.
The system is open to misuse, of course, but so are a politician's expense forms.

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