Tuesday 9 April 2013

The truth about Illuminati

People nowadays see Illuminati as some evil cult that wants to take over the world and give its own brand of order to it. People are wrong. Illuminati is not some devil worshiping cult or ruthless Machiavellian killers. These were men of art. men of science and men with a free thinking spirit. Galileo and Goethe were alleged Illuminati clansmen and the reason he had to join this group was to discuss his scientific findings and literary manuscripts and protect it from the members of the clergy.

At those times, the church was everything and it controlled everything. They had kings as their puppets and the taxes came straight to the clergy. And anyone who so much as resented this hegemony was branded a witch as tried for treason. They were burn at a stake in front of a live audience. These were the 'not so civilized' times for the so called 'civilized' Western race.

Anyways, the church had its set of notions about science that not only induced blind faith faith but also incited hatred towards the intuitive nature of certain men. The church didn't even give them the freedom of voicing their ideas to the public for them to judge between right and wrong. We nee to understand that this was during the dark ages before the movement of Renaissance. So during these ages, many poets, scientists, political thinkers and radical philosophers came together to form a secretive and highly elaborate society to discuss among themselves the theories for the future minds. Ideas rained and thoughts of revolution flew through the air as the Illuminati talked. Obviously, the Church didn't bode them well and so they were called witches and devil worshipers and still the popular cryptic signs used by the Illuminati are still considered as evil and malicious. Some also started to make rumors about Illuminati members conspiring about a New World Order but the evidence only suggests that they talked of a New World Orders in terms that it would be free from monopoly of the Church, nothing more and nothing less.

Nowadays, those who believe in the ideals of Illuminati think it as some kind of an evil cult that would make a New World Order out of killers and criminals, a famous one of them being Mark Dice. Just Google about him and you'll find what an insane theory he has about racialists' most glorified faction.

I, on the other hand believe that that the ideals of the Illuminati were simply based on freedom of expression and artistic liberty, which even to this day has not been possible. Renaissance was the only era when everyone embraced the idea of arts in their lives but it has faded after that. A new Order of Illuminati has to rise to protect the ideals of those that tend to think differently from the others. A new Order has to be formed that represents those that do not wish to be deemed as just another constituency of government or another corporate slave in Wall Street. Maybe the Illuminati exits but if it does, it has lost its direction.   

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