Monday 29 April 2013

Bring Peace to War


    In light of the revolutionary awakening of the North African and Middle Eastern countries and the growing wave of protests in Europe it is extremely important for these movements to work not only in parallel, but to support each other.
    Unfortunately, the media image of Islamic countries in Europe and European materialism ...in Muslim regions affects not only the stereotypical image of the majority of society, but also the anti-authoritarian circles. It is therefore necessary to get to know each other, to see points of contact and to understand respective local conditions. 
    It is important, because finally those two movements face similar challenges: the implementation of a liberal economy and the threat from the extreme right, whether Christian or Islamic.
     They have also similar objectives: the fight for a free and self-governed society based on tolerance, equality and openness, the society in which the social side is placed above the mercantile.
     It is those common goals which make a fear for the ruling and that is why they generate artificially the conflict of civilizations. And it is up to us whether, in this turning point of the social awakening, that conflict will become a reality, or we start a joint struggle for the common society. 
    Through this network we want to create a platform for discussions, for presenting the issues of struggle and their local conditions and differences, for presenting and explaining undertaken actions and planning joint activities in future. There is one World, and one Struggle.

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