Tuesday 2 April 2013

The Best Use of Chemistry

Smoke Bombs

Here is the recipe for one hell of a smoke bomb!

4 parts sugar
6 parts potassium nitrate (Salt Peter)

Heat this mixture over a LOW flame until it melts, stirring well. Pour it into a future container and, before it solidifies, imbed a few matches into the mixture to use as fuses. One pound of this stuff will fill up a whole block with thick, white smoke!


• Pour some gas into an old bowl, or some kind of container.
Get some Styrofoam and put it in the gas, until the gas won't eat anymore. You should have a sticky syrup.
Put it on the end of something (don't touch it!!). The unused stuff lasts a long time!

       Generic Bomb

1.Acquire a glass container.

2.Put in a few drops of gasoline.

3.Cap the top.

4.Now turn the container around to coat the inner surfaces and then evaporates.

5.Add a few drops of potassium permanganate (Get this stuff from a snake bite kit)

6.The bomb is detonated by throwing against a solid object.
After throwing this thing, run like hell. This thing packs about « stick of dynamite.


First, you need to get a push-button switch. Take the wires of it and connect one to a nine volt battery connector and

the other to a solar igniter (used for launching model rockets). A very thin piece of stereo wire will usually do the trick

if you are desperate, but I recommend the igniter. Connect the other wire of the nine-volt battery to one end of the

switch. Connect a wire from the switch to the other lead on the solar igniter.


\ /

\ /

\ /

\ /

solar igniter





Now connect the explosive (pipe bomb, m-80, COĆ½ bomb, etc.) to the igniter by attaching the fuse to the igniter (seal it

with scotch tape). Now dig a hole; not too deep but enough to cover all of the materials. Think about what direction

your enemy will be coming from and plant the switch, but leave the button visible (not TOO visible!). Plant the

explosive about 3-5 feet away from the switch because there will be a delay in the explosion that depends on how short

your wick is, and, if a homemade wick is being used, its burning speed. But if you get it right... and your enemy is close




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