Thursday 25 April 2013

Corporate Slavery: A sour truth in India

Who makes decisions about your life?

 Someone's Rich Dad said, "Somewhere along the way, people became more desirous of security and have paid the price by selling their freedom. You may have noticed that schools today focus primarily on job security rather than financial freedom. The problem is most people do not know that the cost of that security is their freedom." He continued to say, "If you choose security, someone is always telling you what hours to work, how much you make, and even when you can eat your lunch. That is the price of security." -- Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Who decides what time you go to bed?
For the vast majority of people in the world, their boss or their job decides what time they sleep because they decide what time they have to get up and what time they have to be at work. How often have you said, "I've got the go to bed because tomorrows a 'work-day'"?

Who decides what you do and when you do it at your job?
Most employers even decide when you can drink coffee and how long you have to drink it. Distinct 'coffee breaks' or other breaks are scheduled during the day and employees are expected to adhere to that schedule.
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"Men are not prisoners of fate,
but only prisoners of their own minds."
   -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Who decides when you eat?
Most employees lunch during the company prescribed 'lunch hour'. The company even decides where their employees eat and how much money they can spend on their meals.

Who decides where and when you take a vacation?
Your boss dictates to you when you can take a prescribed amount of time off for your vacation. They even decide where you can go by controlling the amount of money you earn.

Who decides when you can go home and spend time with your family?
Again, if you're employed, you're a slave to the clock. Your boss tells you when you can go home, and your boss allots the time you have available to spend with your family.

I don't care how good it is, there is no way a person can be truly happy working for someone else. It's impossible to be truly happy when you have to be on the job at fixed times. You can't be really happy when you have to beg someone for time off. You can't be fully content when you have to follow someone else's rules or guidelines. You can't be completely satisfied with decisions that aren't your own.

Those who say they are happy with their JOBs are saying so out of lack of vision. They have become numb to the possibilities and have given up completely the vision of self-determination. They are slaves... and like complacent slaves, they don't know there IS another way.

Gerry Spence, in his book, Give Me Liberty, says "By slavery, the old or the new, I mean that state in which the person has no effective control over the course of his or her life. Despite his freedom to jump from job to job or junket by jet from beach to beach, if no matter how he schemes or toils he cannot explore his boundless uniqueness, if he has lost his only power, the power of the self, then he is enslaved."

Have you given up your right to make decisions about your life by selling your life one hour at a time, one paycheck at a time?

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