Saturday 4 May 2013

India-The Burning Democracy

   India-The Burning Democracy

India has won the world's appreciation as 'the burning example of
democracy' due to its practice of democracy to perfection, but has it
worked for India? The answer, of course, is no.
If you look up for 'democracy' in an English thesaurus, you may not
find the word 'capitalist' but know this;democracy is the secret
ingredient for the recipe of capitalism. If you are unsure, feel free
to check our minister's and MLA's Swiss bank accounts. Even though the
world may vouch for it, but democracy has been nothing short of
disastrous for India.The rich get richer and the poor can't even
afford the streets to live on.Everything has a price tag attached to
it nowadays,even things that were virtually free of cost like the
latest cable TV fiasco which has robbed the Indian middle class of its
daily entertainment. DTH has ensured more money goes into the hands of
network corporations and channel companies while down-trodden lower
middle class working population come home tired from work to look at
white and black moving dots. Democracy has enabled those that possess
to steal from the ones without possession.
The ambitions of the people grow higher and higher which has led to a
crime wave of frauds and embezzlement, murder and manslaughter, all
for that promise of a better lifestyle. India is star-struck and
glamor-dazed by what is known around the globe as "The American
The innocence of childhood is sunk in the strong tide of competition
as students face the lashes of the competitive whips to get into good
colleges. The students have become a generation of permanent cripples
lacking in radicalism and free-thinking that created our great nation.
They are reduced to number-crunchers and fact-gobblers just to pass
their schools and college. They lack the creative finesse to generate
a beautiful symphony or paint pictures with words in a Romantic

India has become one big circus-the ringleader being the ruling party.
Scholars at London School of Economics have declared that India's
dream of being a global super-power is too far-fetched and the U.N
always cites India as still years away from being a developed country.
Dr. Kalam's dream 2020 is shifted to dream2050, which will soon become
dream infinity. Why? Because India is the burning example of
democracy. The problems are too many to which the solutions are none.
When India became free, colonialist countries had their eyes stuck to
it because it was one of the biggest British colonies and was far more
rich and lucrative than any Western country. But the partition, the
wars, corruption, and everything in between has rendered India as a
playground for the rich MNC's who use our country like a classifieds
sections of a newspaper just for recruitment and profit from its
potentials leaving our country crumbled just like used paper.
 On the other hand, it is a torture garden for poorest of the poor
farmers and lowly workers whom no one sees as equals.They are always
in debt from generations and will always be until we look through the
eyes of a greater good. And India-the burning example of democracy-is
now just a burning democracy, its ashes killing everyone in it.

By Kamran

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