Monday 6 May 2013

Competition and Control

Before you continue on your moribund, monotonous and meaningful journey f life and think to yourself “Who controls your life? Is it you, the people you love and take advice from or is it someone whom you have never even seen, never even met or hear about? You might instantly come to a conclusion that you decide the choices you took and you decided the roads you now walk on. But take another minute, because the realization of this is important. Even though you now metaphorically walk on the road you chose, who built those roads for you? The answer may surprise you beyond your belief.

The truth is that each of our choice is fated. We are a clog of a much bigger wheel. Our whole life is controlled by precise ‘supply and demand’ of opportunities. Education system is the watch glass to this phenomenon. People perceive ‘education’ as a list of books which they have to learn by memory if they need to pass their schools. 
This is a deliberate attempt from the government’s side to control the future of the nation. Why else do you think having a liberal arts degree is seen as a cheap and ‘easy’ degree while those who study engineering swim their way to glory in cash. Everyone knows that arts demands provocative thinking and prying sense of mentality to seek a thorough perspective towards understanding a work of art. 
All an engineer needs are his tools and texts. Half of his job is done by the mechanics and supervisors and half of it is done by the laborers. 

But still there is an ever increasing demand for these ‘lazy bums’ we call engineers in the corporate world. There is no denying the fact that engineers are needed for development but it shouldn’t mean that the artists, the creators and others have to suffer at the cost of them. 

This increase in demand of engineer leads to competition among students for the best colleges that offer the best courses. Everyone wants to be elite and doesn’t care even if he has to tread of thousands of heads to get to the top. We talk of ending wars and bringing peace yet we are the ones telling them it is okay for you to win the world if you try hard enough.  If this is the teaching we bestow our children, then we should be ready for a third world war or another Great Depression while the ‘elitists’ lounge in luxury. The government want us as the blind masses that walk the Earth with our eyes blindfolded by ignorance. We are not shown both sides of the story just because THEY tell us 'Ignorance is Bliss'. We have been fed up to the neck with false propaganda and lies. Well, here and now, the lies stop.

~By Kamran

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