Monday 14 February 2022

The Last Tyrant: A poem


The tyrant gazes at his subjects
who have grown rebellious
and defy his unjust rule.
The people are united in oppression
meted out to them by the Court.

The King sets to work his cronies
who do his lip service among the masses
but the people know better
than to hear their false words.

They see these cronies for what they are;
bigots, sycophants and intellectual thieves
who rob the people
of their hard-earned consciousness
of the will to freedom.

The King then sets his Armies to work
in the rebellious provinces where the armies
pillage, ransack and loot,
slaughter children and rape women.
Such a havoc does a king unleash
upon his own people;
all for power.

The masses then take a call to arms
against the tyrant monarch
and from the village to the cities
the people unite against crass injustice

Bugles of civil war sound all around
as the militia, in hordes charge the Army
with pitchforks, muskets, axes and bludgeons
overwhelming the king's men.

The King's empire, now, is about to crumble
and the King beheaded
Fearing for his life, the King flees
living his loyal subjects to die.

And each who ever sided with the King
is taken to the city avenue
where these traitors are displayed to the masses
and the blade of the guillotine
strokes their their necks clean off.

And people's rule comes at last
and subjects are subjects no more
They are masters of their own life
and servile only to virtues.

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