Saturday 1 February 2014


-This is the Generation of the Ass and we are penetrating it. I am not speaking as a radical, a Marxist, an iconoclast, a student, an anarchist, a Bohemian, a Maoist, a Naxalite or even as a Situationalist. I am speaking as a sane human being. Or maybe I am insane. I do not know the nature of my rationale because I cannot think for myself. I need somebody else to think for me, my thoughts, my choices, my consents. I need a mechanism. I am a cripple, both physically and mentally. I do not know how to walk. I learn walking by seeing other people. I cannot walk myself, in my style. I do not know how. I am a cripple; I walk like a cripple but if I am a cripple then so are everybody else because I only mimic them ad go by my life. Would this mean? No, it does. It goes almost as obviously without saying.
This is the world where faith is lost and even if there is such a thing, people use it for mere profit; to feed the rich and fuck the poor…… o my, where are my manners… I should apologize for my language but then again what are words but mirrors that reflect to us our very selves and if I am empty, I have no life of my own then my words mean nothing and so I can curse as much as I want. Yeah, yeah, yeah… by these words I only get reminded of the much less appreciated Godard movie Pierrot le fou, when he tries to eke some money out of the American sailors by portraying Uncle Sam in an enactment of the Vietnam war and all he says are the words ‘yeah’ and ‘communist’. I feel that that was the best representation of Vietnam War in movie culture, better that Platoon or even Apocalypse Now. The Vietnam War, soulless an empty and the only thing it was fought for? Communist…
The intellectuals destroyed the world. Sartre should have taken his Nobel Prize, like Camus. The world has no future, so how can we in it, expect any? I must be a fool. Correct, I am a fool. But as I have already put before you, if I am a fool, so are you and so you need to watch your tone with me. I should’ve been an atavist. I am not made for this world. The sky is the limit, in a world like this they say, without mentioning that there is infernal abyss to fall into too. I live in a world of mannequins, alive as they go about their lives, dead.
Remembrance of all things past, all things lost, the Dark Age comes swinging back round. This is the fallacy of Galileo’s theory that everything revolves round us and so everything that comes and goes must come again. When, oh when must the Renaissance come? I live in an arrested state of freedom- the worst kind of slavery. I shall lick the boots of my fate, kiss it as it kicks me down and I shall not rise back up. On the other hand, I should find temperance for it, be masochistic. I should find pleasure in kissing the boots as it kicks me and tramples my facial features. I should develop a boot fetish like all the other inhabitants of the planet as they go about their lives. This is the life I live. This is the life you live. There is no truth in it, both subjectively and objectively. There is nothing to look forward to, and our history is also worthless, as artificial as the rulers meant it to be. We cannot trust any fact as a fact beforehand. Science is a hoax, a petty illusion. Don’t learn it; fight it. I can only advise you. I am beyond that. I am past that. I am speaking now as a radical, a Marxist, an iconoclast, a student, an anarchist, a Bohemian, a Maoist, a Naxalite and even as a Situationalist. This is my life to live. I now have a life, a life of constant rebellion against the powers that be, at any cost, by any means. This is not the end. This is just the beginning. This is the beginning of a game; the beginning of endgame.

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