Sunday 20 October 2013

Critique on the Four Year Undergraduate Program of Delhi University

The student referendum, with all its magnanimity of participation has made one fact crystal clear that the FYUP has been the bane of existence for the first ear students since its institutionalization and so a whopping 10,519 students voted against FYUP out of 11,556 which constitutes roughly 91% of the total votes. If we critically analyze the issue of FYUP, strip it naked and examine its private parts, we might find something very unwanted, hideous, grotesque, and outright repulsive. I won’t waste the ink in my pen and the matter in my hawking vile comments on FYUP, its course structure, its financial burden caused by the additional courses especially on those who pay double the rent of college hostel by staying at paying guest accommodation just because DU is not able to provide ample housing facilities to all its students, its worthless foundation courses or the anarchy it has created with the introduction of the applied and foundation courses and the irregularities in both infrastructure and time table.

I will go knee-deep into this muck of FYUP and discuss the orifice from where the grime of filth is ebbing out. Getting to the root base of this problem, we can as well put aside the Vice Chancellor’s claim of broadening the higher education horizon on a more ‘international’ basis as the Guardian; a British newspaper cites the FYUP as ‘a broken attempt at Americanization of India’s higher education system.

The fact of the matter is that this Four Year Program, in the long run, will actually deteriorate the reputation of the University so much so that the individual colleges would want total autonomy to save themselves from the embarrassment of the dissent in higher education and so the most prestigious Ivy League University in India would fall asunder paving way for privatization of the biggest and most booming sector, education. There is also the question raised on the newly issued books for foundation courses which are all published through private publishing houses even though DU is a central govt. university and so the books for the foundation courses could have been published availing subsidy by the NCERT but the VC and his lackeys brought the whole notion of privatization even in this context and entered into a coalition with the book mafia ensuring more money goes into their own pockets.

If we look more and more comprehensively into the apparent realities of FYUP and develop a critique, there are no bounds to the monetary profit that the VC and the DU administration gains through the implementation of the FYUP along with the foundation courses and all that a student gains is misery, bad education and an unsecure future, all thanks to the visionary and the avant-garde thinking of the most respected Mr. Dinesh Singh who very cunningly had avoided much student agitation by including the Congress student-hand in the students’ union panel judging the FYUP that would obviously support what the Party says with a blind eye to safeguard their own interest and make their own future political career while the future of DU with a dawn of this kind of corporate takeover is much like the state of Sanskrit Tols and Perso-Arabic Madrassas at the sawn of East India Company with its notion of ‘enlightenment’ which was imposed in that era and is imposed mow. In the end, things will fall apart if the students fail to see beyond the ‘Fucha fests’ and college parties and just look at the bare facts that would affect every single student of Delhi University at all possible levels with a painful sting if we fail to unite against the demise of the education provided in our University because finally we are the ones who will be at the receiving end of the FYUP after four years and I take it that all of us wouldn’t want to end up on the wrong side thinking we made a wrong choice and ended up in the wrong path because a revolt in our university will change the course of education of the whole nation as there has been much talk of establishing FYUP as the general norm for every single govt. university in India. It is time to fight for our right to a proper education and a prosperous future that is becoming and fit enough for the status of Delhi University. The time calls for us to struggle to study!

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